Family Advocacy Support

Cost: free of charge

Rebound acts as a collaborative bridge between state agencies, schools, community-based services, the legal system, and churches.

Through Family Advocacy Support, we are able to strengthen connections with each family participating in our programs by providing a single access point between Rebound and other social services.

 Family Advocacy includes:

•Assessment and advocacy for families working with DCYF & CPS on custody matters

•Attending Family Team Decision Making meetings (FTDM) with Roots families

•IEP implementation (working with local schools)

•Increasing connection to community for basic resources

•Increasing access to mental health services that provide advocacy for families

•Helping families increase their network of support by identifying and assigning advocates as they are requested and available.

Nearly all of the children Rebound serves have experienced issues such as abuse, poverty, and family disruption, which contribute to their emotional and behavioral challenges.  The parents of these children have an exceptionally hard time providing positive activities/opportunities for their children, and difficulty supporting their continued academic success.  These families need help to provide a safe, supportive and healthy home for their children.

Family Advocacy Support services allows Rebound to focus on family support, and meeting each family’s unique and ever-changing needs, both at the Roots Program and in their daily family life.  Advocacy within the Roots Program provides one-on-one mentorship, referrals to additional services, and helps families network with other families struggling with similar challenges.