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Our Mission

At Rebound, we work with families who are trying to recover and rebuild after experiencing the devastating effects of trauma. Often trauma-background families are the most susceptible to continue cycles of abuse, neglect and/or poverty, unless there is some type of intervention.  We walk alongside kids and families on the road to health and restoration.

Connecting – Families often suffer because of a lack of connection. Social isolation and lack of support from other adults make it difficult for families to gain traction during crisis situations. At Rebound, we foster supportive relationships and access community help in times of need.

Empowering – We are committed to giving kids and families the tools they need to succeed. We offer year-round programs for both parents and kids that teach health in the social, emotional, physical and spiritual areas of life.

Restoring – We seek long-term health and stability for our kids and families. As we walk with families, we seek to restore homes to a place where family members know they are loved and supported, where trust is present, and where both parents and kids can thrive as part of the greater community.


We specifically reach out to high-risk elementary school-aged kids through Ray of Hope Summer Camp. To families through our Roots Family Enrichment Program throughout the year. And in partnership with the Snowboard Outreach Society (SOS), using the experience of learning to snowboard to engage and challenge at-risk teens, empowering them with skills in persistence, responsibility and leadership in a fun and rewarding environment.

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Joyful Strength

“As leaders, I know we all pushed ourselves in ways we didn’t know we could. We learned to appreciate everyone’s unique skill sets, and were thankful for the gifts we’d been given. We cared so much about these kiddos that we were given a strength that definitely wasn’t our own.”

Ray of Hope Staffer