Rebound Families’ core programs include the Roots Family Connection Program, Family Advocacy Program, and Ray of Hope Summer Day Program – all designed to fulfill our mission of connecting with, empowering, and restoring those in our community who are most vulnerable.

Roots Family Connection Program

Roots is a year-round program that runs for eight weeks, four quarters per year. The program is specifically designed for families facing difficult life circumstances and parents who desire to develop family-building skills.  Classes are held one evening per week in Bellingham and Everson, and includes a hot meal. The Program, and the meal, are free of charge.

Ray of Hope Summer Day Program

Ray of Hope is a summer day program unlike any other – offering arts and crafts, recreation, field trips, and artistic enrichments to kids ages 5 – 12. 

Ray of Hope strives to introduce empowering social and behavioral skills through story, activities, and relationship-building.  Attending the entire six weeks, Ray of Hope is for kids who most need, yet seldom experience, a holistic, well-staffed, fun and safe summer!

Family Advocacy Support

Rebound acts as a collaborative bridge between state agencies, schools, community-based services, the legal system, and churches.

Through Family Advocacy Support, we are able to strengthen connections with each family participating in our programs by providing a single access point between Rebound and other social services.

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